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Ski Safari 2

If you're a gamer favorite casual titles simple, fun and most popular endless runner genre it once must have known or tried Ski Safari. The first version of the game has more than 140 million people worldwide experience download and topped the charts the app store for a long time. Thanks to the great success that his predecessor had achieved ahead, Sleepy Z Studios continues to develop new section called Ski Safari 2 will debut on iOS and Android devices in the coming August 27.

In Ski Safari 2, the animals, the avalanche and the action breathless converge together to create a simple game to play, but also quite deep to afford attracted users to try several times.
Ski Safari 2 retains the running speed of the gameplay challenging and dangerous as in the first version, along with the addition of many new features, modes PvP extremely attractive. Moreover, an extremely cute female characters also appear, and not only there are mountains of snow that game also incorporates many more exciting new environment.
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In Ski Safari 2, the user will start the race with the two main characters is Sven and Evana, both must try to quickly escape to the mountains to avoid the disaster suddenly strikes from "mother nature" . Be clever control your character avoid obstacles appear randomly along the way. However, to run fast is over, you can ask for help from the car pulled penguin, snowman, eagles or the use of dedicated snowmobile. Every kind of help has different strengths to help the multiple parts exit faster

After the tremendous success of the first version of Ski Safari, we want to expand on the concept and the discovery of Sven adventure to the next level up, "Brendan Watts, Director, Sleepy Z Studios said. "With the all-new challenges, more attractive mode, from cars, animals and the introduction of a new female character, Ski Safari 2 will achieve that."
Expected, Ski Safari 2 will be available for download on iOS and Android devices for $ 2. Any new information will be updated by us to you in the following article. Note welcome to read offline!

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