Thứ Tư, 13 tháng 4, 2016

Game Bash

Halo 3!

Back in February my Halo 3 copy was destroyed by my Xbox. I recently was really wanting to get back into it, so my brother was generous enough to give me his copy. I'm back in the saddle, baby! But I was still missing something...
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Microsoft Points!

In order to celebrate my acquaintance with Halo 3, I decided to head out and get some M$ points in order to purchase the Mythic Map Pack, as well as some Fallout 3 DLC. My dad paid for the card because I had no money. When we got to Gamestop, we were greeted by the hot chick behind the counter who is mysteriously always working there when I go there. She asked how many we wanted. I was going to say 4000, but I didn't want to have my father unknowingly pay $50 for points, so he just said 1600. After receiving my delicious points, we....

Pre-Ordered Modern Warfare 2!

My dad likes the Call Of Duty games and is in fact playing CoD4 online right now as I type. Seeing the MW2 poster outside Gamestop gave us the idea to pre order, so we did. As soon as he asked to reserve a copy, I was handed a...

Modern Warfare 2 Poster!

Signed by the staff! Awesome! This thing will look friggin sweet when I hang it up in my room. I carefully set it down when we got home so as to not damage its awesomeness, and before I did anything else I...

Played Broken Steel!

Fallout 3 is a fantastic game, and I was very exicted when I got to download Broken Steel. I was originally going to get the Pitt so I could go in order (already have Anchorage), but my brother convinced me that getting Broken Steel would make more sense because the level cap would be raised and the ending would be removed, so I downloaded that instead. And man, was it cool. The new characters were nice, the dialouge was well done, and the quests were insanely hard, especially the last one. It literally took me about 2 hours to finish the thing. Fawkes was with me, but the poor bastard has the IQ of a peanut and constantly went after every enemy we saw, blindly firing in the wrong direction and getting stuck on rocks. Poor fella.

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