Thứ Ba, 31 tháng 5, 2016

Energy Heroes

Recently a development team from France is DSC Studio22 has introduced their new online game is Energy Heroes, this game is a 3rd person shooter action with bold style combined with MOBA prevailing in recently.

Energy Heroes in the future context with advanced weapons modernization, gamers will experience the action-oriented gameplay higher by a relatively small map and the two sides constantly meet to firefight. In addition, the other laws of the game also operate on the 'classic', much like the shooter MOBA games have appeared before.
In Energy Heroes, gamers can choose 10 generals, were divided into 3 separate class skill system, weapons plentiful and always played a particular role in the team, should be combined with a skillful team can win.

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Also, beside elements gamers shooter then also have to be familiar with the tactics of Energy bizarre Heroes by not always you can also work to destroy the opponent to win it. Graphics in this game are relatively nice and bright with cute cartoon style, easy to create sympathy for gamers right from the first moment participants. However, some movement is still relatively hard and expressive character should also be improved.

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