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Thứ Năm, 14 tháng 4, 2016

Red Ball 4

You’ve defeated Black Square, not once, but twice, and stopped his evil-doings in Red Ball 4 Volumes one and two. But, alas, he still has not learned his lesson and is back to terrorize the country. Protect your citizens and defeat Black Square once again in Red Ball 4 Volume 3!
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When will Black Square learn his lesson for good? He’s back at his old tricks once again, turning red balls into black squares in order to take over the country – then the world! Defeat him. Lock him up in a cell and throw away the key. Do whatever you must in order to stop his reign of madness for good!


As in the previous versions, players have multiple directional key options to choose from in order to play Red Ball 4 Volume 3 comfortably. Pressing the left and right arrow keys or the A and D keyboard keys will allow you to move Red Ball left and right throughout each level. The up arrow key, as well as the W key, will allow you to make Red Ball jump from platform to platform, over obstacles in your path, or pounce on evil black square minions. Pressing the D or down arrow keys will help you slow Red Ball down or come to a complete stop before plowing into a life-threatening target. Finally, pressing P will allow you to pause the game and choose from a variety of options such as resume, adjusting the sound and music, and returning to the main menu.


Players can enjoy trying to complete 15 levels in Red Ball 4 Volume 3. Each level becomes significantly more difficult than the last. Earn points throughout each level by pouncing on enemy boxes, reaching checkpoint marker flags, and completing various achievements.

The game features many familiar obstacles and enemy targets from previous versions, but it is also jam packed with several new obstacles such as the introduction of laser beams and swinging platforms.


As in the last two versions of this series, players can earn achievements which give you extra bonus points to your final score. Some of the achievements are quite easy to achieve, while others may take some time and a lot of practice to earn.

Almost Dead – Escape the laser ray on level three – worth 500 points
Doodle Robot – Run away from the robot box on level seven – worth 500 points
Boom Box – Die from an enemy box explosion – worth 500 points
Bronze Cup – Earn five bronze medals – worth 1,000 points
Silver Cup – Earn 10 silver medals – worth 2,000 points
Gold Cup – Earn 15 gold medals – worth 3,000 points
Diamond Cup – Collect all achievements – worth 5,000 points

Earning the bronze, silver, and gold medals is based on your performance and your total score at the end of each level.

Need Help?

Are you stuck on a level? Can’t quite figure out how to avoid that nasty laser beam on a particular level? Rest assured, there are plenty of walkthrough videos for this game all over the Internet, many of which you can easily find on video streaming sites like Youtube.

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Gun Mayhem 4

Gun Mayhem 4 is a fun shooting game where the player has to fight off other opponents with different kinds of weapons that are available. It can be played both as a single player game against AI opponents or as a multiple player game with many friends. You can customize the looks of each player by clicking on the player and editing. The game can be played in the campaign mode or in the custom mode.


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The number of players can be chosen as the first step of the game. Different characteristics of each player can be customized. Once a character is chosen, the characteristics can be edited by clicking on the edit player link below the character. Face, eyes, mouth, hands, shoe, hair, cap and few more attributes can be chosen. The attributes can be imported or shared over with friends. The player has to fight off different number of opponents in each case. Each of the players will get 5 lives and the players can use the special attacks to fight with the opponents. The buttons Z and X are used for this purpose.


This game can be played using the keys on the keyboard as controls.

–        Left arrow button helps you to move left
–        Right arrow button helps you to move right
–        Up arrow button helps you to jump up or over obstacles
–        Down arrow button will help you to shield yourself in case of an attack.

The buttons Z and X are used for attack 1 and attack 2. These special attacks are different on different games as the weapons also differ depending on the environment you choose. You can drop the weapon on to your opponents by clicking on the key ‘D’ on your keyboard.
It is possible to pause the game using a spacebar.


There are a total of three zones zone1, zone 2 and zone 3. Each of these zones have different game environments.

Zone 1 –

Town Tussle – you have to fight against local bullies
Tribal trouble – you have to fight off the troubling monkeys and help the umbungo tribe
Farmageddon – you have to take out a greater number of foxes than the farmer
Grave situation – you have to fight against zombies in the graveyard.
More games may be unlocked as you proceed.

Zone 2 – Castle hassle, spaced out, shore booty, mansion melee are the environments you can choose freely at the start and more games can be unlocked later.

Castle hassle – you have to fight the enemies to help your battlement and defend the castle.
Spaced out – Fight for humanity against the invading aliens.
Shore booty – fight against pirates and get the treasure.
Mansion melee – investigate and fight the opponents in this variety of haunted mansion.
Zone 3 – lava palaver, scaffold scuffle, snow brawl, crate factory can be chosen when you play the game and more games will be available to you as you proceed.
Lava palaver – fight against lava monsters.

Scaffold scuffle – shoo away the kids who have broken again into a construction site.
Snow brawl – defend yourself against the angry polar population
Crate factory – fight against the maintenance droids and stop them from ruining the weapon crates.
As you hover over the environment lists, you will get to see the details. Each of the games uses different weapons with which you will fight the opponents.

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Thứ Tư, 13 tháng 4, 2016

Game Bash

Halo 3!

Back in February my Halo 3 copy was destroyed by my Xbox. I recently was really wanting to get back into it, so my brother was generous enough to give me his copy. I'm back in the saddle, baby! But I was still missing something...
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Microsoft Points!

In order to celebrate my acquaintance with Halo 3, I decided to head out and get some M$ points in order to purchase the Mythic Map Pack, as well as some Fallout 3 DLC. My dad paid for the card because I had no money. When we got to Gamestop, we were greeted by the hot chick behind the counter who is mysteriously always working there when I go there. She asked how many we wanted. I was going to say 4000, but I didn't want to have my father unknowingly pay $50 for points, so he just said 1600. After receiving my delicious points, we....

Pre-Ordered Modern Warfare 2!

My dad likes the Call Of Duty games and is in fact playing CoD4 online right now as I type. Seeing the MW2 poster outside Gamestop gave us the idea to pre order, so we did. As soon as he asked to reserve a copy, I was handed a...

Modern Warfare 2 Poster!

Signed by the staff! Awesome! This thing will look friggin sweet when I hang it up in my room. I carefully set it down when we got home so as to not damage its awesomeness, and before I did anything else I...

Played Broken Steel!

Fallout 3 is a fantastic game, and I was very exicted when I got to download Broken Steel. I was originally going to get the Pitt so I could go in order (already have Anchorage), but my brother convinced me that getting Broken Steel would make more sense because the level cap would be raised and the ending would be removed, so I downloaded that instead. And man, was it cool. The new characters were nice, the dialouge was well done, and the quests were insanely hard, especially the last one. It literally took me about 2 hours to finish the thing. Fawkes was with me, but the poor bastard has the IQ of a peanut and constantly went after every enemy we saw, blindly firing in the wrong direction and getting stuck on rocks. Poor fella.

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Angry Birds

There are millions of people throughout the world who play Angry Birds on their mobile phones and tablets, so it seems kind of inevitable that the makers of the game would have found a way to further monetize the franchise, and voila, they have. According to Screen Crush, The Angry Birds Movie trailer has debuted online, and while the fact that there’s a big screen adaptation of the popular game is a no-brainer, how the makers of the film will fill 90 minutes with content remains a mystery.

The Angry Birds game has now spun off with 14 different editions since 2010 along with ancillary products such as action figures, key chains, posters, books, graphic novels, board games and stuffed animals.

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Perhaps all these derivations of the game were in preparation for this epic animated movie that may rival what Pixar or Dreamworks have released throughout the past decade.1

The big question that any lover of the Angry Birds game would have is what a movie plot would consist of, since the game really doesn’t have what one would call a storyline.

Those of you who have played the game know that the only real goal you have is to destroy as many evil pigs as possible. That works well for a mindless game that’s intended as a distraction, but a movie needs plot, character, dialogue and music as key elements for success.

If you take a look at the trailer below, you will start to understand that the creative minds behind this film have crafted a story about a bunch of birds, some angrier than others, who have to band together when evil pigs invade their home with bad intentions.

With major voice talent such as Jason Sudeikis (The Hangover), Danny McBride (Eastbound and Down), Maya Rudolph (Saturday Night Live), Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones), and Bill Hader (Trainwreck), the film promises to elicit the same kind of thrills and emotion of any major animated release of the past few years.

The true test will be whether the legions of fans who love Angry Birds as a game will show up on opening day to watch their favorite mad birds go to war against evil pigs2.

It’s important to remember that movie franchises such as Pirates of the Caribbean were sourced from a Disney amusement park ride, so underestimating the power of Angry Birds may be a mistake. The film opens May 20, 2016.

Yesterday, IMDb released the official poster for the film:

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Chủ Nhật, 10 tháng 4, 2016

Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4™ is the genre-defining action blockbuster made from moments that blur the line between game and glory. Fueled by the next-generation power and fidelity of Frostbite™ 3, Battlefield 4™ provides a visceral, dramatic experience unlike any other. 

Only in Battlefield can you demolish the buildings shielding your enemy. Only in Battlefield will you lead an assault from the back of a gun boat. Battlefield grants you the freedom to do more and be more while playing to your strengths and carving your own path to victory

In addition to its hallmark multiplayer, Battlefield 4™ features an intense, dramatic character-driven campaign that starts with the evacuation of American VIPs from Shanghai and follows your squad's struggle to find its way home. 
There is no comparison. Immerse yourself in the glorious chaos of all-out war, found only in Battlefield.

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Express Three Kingdoms 2

Express Three Kingdoms 2 is a 2D mobile game genre cards have historical themes were developed by companies Kunlun Wanwei. Games owns a graphics platform style cartoon-style Q extremely unique and impressive, applying the familiar gameplay mechanics but can proceed but the attractive innovations, providing a better experience visually perfect for gamers.

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At the beginning of the game, players will have 3 options martial representing 3 countries Wei - Shu - Wu. The game features graphics how to build character and image of each home, create a separate style compared to the same category of products or the exploitation of historical context "Three Kingdoms" in the market. Although only 2D graphics, but the characters have a good level of detail, the exquisite art and care little flexibility to move, even to all the soldiers also impressive profile.

In terms of mechanism main battle, Storm Warriors Three Kingdoms 2 still apply beyond the frontier form fighting style combining real-time turn-often used in many game cards today. Players can give you up to 5 matches martial appearances, divided into three rows, each of martial will have a distinct role, is divided by class stars, a separate skill. Of course, the game will take place in the automatic mode, players simply tap the icon to launch skillset icon Minister only. Besides, the system also supports Full auto mode or speed is very convenient.

Apart from the skills promoted for each martial tradition, the game has added millions conversion system specific skills to use. Add to that a rich talent system, is divided into 3 types including offensive, defensive and prolific players to gain, optimize the ability to develop your team better. Furthermore, players can explore the exciting features such as "compliance office" and "military technical" make diversity a strategic form of human growth point

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Ski Safari 2

If you're a gamer favorite casual titles simple, fun and most popular endless runner genre it once must have known or tried Ski Safari. The first version of the game has more than 140 million people worldwide experience download and topped the charts the app store for a long time. Thanks to the great success that his predecessor had achieved ahead, Sleepy Z Studios continues to develop new section called Ski Safari 2 will debut on iOS and Android devices in the coming August 27.

In Ski Safari 2, the animals, the avalanche and the action breathless converge together to create a simple game to play, but also quite deep to afford attracted users to try several times.
Ski Safari 2 retains the running speed of the gameplay challenging and dangerous as in the first version, along with the addition of many new features, modes PvP extremely attractive. Moreover, an extremely cute female characters also appear, and not only there are mountains of snow that game also incorporates many more exciting new environment.
===== >>> You can refer to some of our games as: Free Online GamesGum Mayhem. It will be very interesting for you there.

In Ski Safari 2, the user will start the race with the two main characters is Sven and Evana, both must try to quickly escape to the mountains to avoid the disaster suddenly strikes from "mother nature" . Be clever control your character avoid obstacles appear randomly along the way. However, to run fast is over, you can ask for help from the car pulled penguin, snowman, eagles or the use of dedicated snowmobile. Every kind of help has different strengths to help the multiple parts exit faster

After the tremendous success of the first version of Ski Safari, we want to expand on the concept and the discovery of Sven adventure to the next level up, "Brendan Watts, Director, Sleepy Z Studios said. "With the all-new challenges, more attractive mode, from cars, animals and the introduction of a new female character, Ski Safari 2 will achieve that."
Expected, Ski Safari 2 will be available for download on iOS and Android devices for $ 2. Any new information will be updated by us to you in the following article. Note welcome to read offline!

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Eternal Arena

After a period of success and popularity in the Chinese market, the recent giant NetEase ARPG titles brought to the West his Battle released under the name Eternal Arena entirely new. This is a game with great resonance between two rabid RPGs and mobile MOBA style.

The story of Eternal Arena takes players on Etryna magical world, where there has been a peaceful time, but now threatened by evil clique headed by the Lord Master. RPG players will be selected hero, possessing immense strength is tasked to unite the factions to rally against a common enemy.

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Coming to Eternal Arena, players will be daydreaming to complete coated battles. You will control a team of three heroes cast that moves and skills among dozens Ultimate enemies are surrounded everywhere. You need to convert and control between the heroes of this a reasonable way to deal with different situations. Though just out but the number of participants to experience relatively more Eternal Arena. But what is more remarkable is that everything in the game is too diverse to make the new prime gong to learn the features of each part of the game.

Eternal Arena bring gamers explore more than 15 game modes, more than 35 heroes to choose development. This mobile game that is included in the single-player missions as well as the variables of MOBA Mobile variables. In the arena Arena, players will enjoy full MOBA familiar elements such as maps, the defense office, the creep and the lane lines ... Since joining, you will actually bear User own skills without having to worry as the game "giants" that nobody else stronger will win.

Eternal Arena currently being released as a free-to-play on the 2 app store Google Play and App Store. However, the new game version provided only limited to a few areas in the world. Interested readers can download the game here for iOS / Android

See more :  Helmet Bombers 2

Helmet Bombers 2

What is the essence of the existence of bombs? Most people thought that this thing is all about negative destruction. But in reality, this weapon is also important in destroying old building for new construction. It is also use as an offensive weapon against bad people or enemies. It has been incorporated in flash games too like the one called Helmet Bombers 2. There are two reasons why this game is a hit among players in the gaming world. One is because it involves a lot of action. Second is because it is about defense and offense tactics. Continue reading this content to know more details about Helmet Bombers 2.

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The objective of the game is to eliminate enemies using a cannon and bombs. As a player, you must precisely aim and shoot the bomb from the cannon towards the position of the enemies. This game is all about logic and perfect aim and trajectory.

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Awesome stunts in Motocross Nitro

Are you a motocross fan? Do you like watching players rev their engine up and do all sorts of awesome tricks that just take your breath away? Well if you do, you’re in luck because in Motocross Nitro, you get to experience this awesome sport in a virtual setting. In Motocross Nitro, customize your bike and your character to fit your needs. Also check out the stunts page and memorize some cools stunts you can use during the tournament. Remember, the cooler the stunt, the higher your chances of winning. No link is provided for the game but you can always search for it online.

===== >>> You can refer to some of our games as: Free Online GamesGum Mayhem. It will be very interesting for you there.

Motocross Nitro is a very fun and awesome game that will surely make your adrenaline levels spike. Although no link is provided, don’t let that stop you from playing this awesome game.

Execute Stunts in Skateboard City 2

Are you familiar with skateboard? Have you played one before? Well, if you are on a positive note, there is a good news for you but before that, let us define or describe what a skateboard is for people who don’t have an idea about it.  Free Online GamesGum Mayhem

A skateboard is like a surfboard but the only difference is that it has wheels to make it move on land. The good news is about the game called Skateboard City 2 which can be played by everyone. The player will be given options of the character he or she wants to play as well as the type of skateboard he or she will use.

The objective of this game is to perform or execute stunts or tricks to earn high score. Avoid the certain obstacles and clear each tracks. The good thing about this game is that one can be able to play skateboard in a virtual way. From this, he or she will have a clear picture or view of the process of skateboarding without the need of performing it in real life.

Feudalism Tips: Learn How To Progress

At the beginning you will choose a character. There is a variety of them and they all have some great features, powers and weapons. Later you can customize them. Then you can choose troops. It is very important to take a couple of extra warriors to help you at your quest. Through the battles you can stay without your troops, but make sure your main character stays alive because when he dies, you lose the game. At the beginning is it best not to stand out so much and wait until you have more powerful items and weapons. 
===== >>> Here some of our games it played great. You just click on it you will always be playing: Free online game Can Your Pet, Gun Mayhem.

is very important to upgrade and replace your old items with better ones. This is definitely the purpose of the game. Upgrade and get stronger and stronger. Hang back until you are strong and equipped enough to attack. That the secret of the game. Use these tips and you will definitely master the game.

Covert Front 4

Are you having fun playing escape games? Have you ever played any of the Covert Front series? Covert Front series are escape games full of adventure. It is about a pursuit of a scientist who went missing along with his work that could have ended the World War. And in the final series, Covert Front 4: A Spark of Life, the main character Kara had escaped from a Zurich prison and headed to Lisbon, Portugal. She is determined to find Karl Von Toten, the missing scientist.
 ===== >>> Here some of our games it played great. You just click on it you will always be playing: Free online game , Gun Mayhem.

Covert Front 4: A Spark of Life is a point and click adventure game. But this game is one of the hardest escape games you will find. The puzzles are a bit hard. Some items or clues are also hard to find. But even though, you would not get bored, the difficulty of this game is just enough to challenge your skill in finding clues.

See more  : Gun Mayhem

Gun Mayhem

Gun Mayhem Unblocked is a flash game where one has to deal with opponents and eventually kill them to obtain a high score. Arm up and shoot to kill is the slogan of this game. There are two ways to play such as campaign mode and custom game mode. There are two reasons why a player will love this fantastic game.

 First reason is because it has something to do with fighting opponents or enemies. I am sure that most of us have once imagined to be heroes and playing games like this is a good way to achieve such fulfilling moment when we defeated the opponents successfully. Last is because of the entertainment value it possesses which is basically the main purpose of a flash game.Free Online Games

There is a Gun Library where a player can see and choose a certain weapon based on his or her skills as well as his or her collected points and scores. The different categories of shooting weapons are snipers, shotguns and handguns. The success of the player will depend on his or her strategy and efficiency in shooting. You can get some details here or rely on its main website on

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