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Eternal Arena

After a period of success and popularity in the Chinese market, the recent giant NetEase ARPG titles brought to the West his Battle released under the name Eternal Arena entirely new. This is a game with great resonance between two rabid RPGs and mobile MOBA style.

The story of Eternal Arena takes players on Etryna magical world, where there has been a peaceful time, but now threatened by evil clique headed by the Lord Master. RPG players will be selected hero, possessing immense strength is tasked to unite the factions to rally against a common enemy.

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Coming to Eternal Arena, players will be daydreaming to complete coated battles. You will control a team of three heroes cast that moves and skills among dozens Ultimate enemies are surrounded everywhere. You need to convert and control between the heroes of this a reasonable way to deal with different situations. Though just out but the number of participants to experience relatively more Eternal Arena. But what is more remarkable is that everything in the game is too diverse to make the new prime gong to learn the features of each part of the game.

Eternal Arena bring gamers explore more than 15 game modes, more than 35 heroes to choose development. This mobile game that is included in the single-player missions as well as the variables of MOBA Mobile variables. In the arena Arena, players will enjoy full MOBA familiar elements such as maps, the defense office, the creep and the lane lines ... Since joining, you will actually bear User own skills without having to worry as the game "giants" that nobody else stronger will win.

Eternal Arena currently being released as a free-to-play on the 2 app store Google Play and App Store. However, the new game version provided only limited to a few areas in the world. Interested readers can download the game here for iOS / Android

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