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Express Three Kingdoms 2

Express Three Kingdoms 2 is a 2D mobile game genre cards have historical themes were developed by companies Kunlun Wanwei. Games owns a graphics platform style cartoon-style Q extremely unique and impressive, applying the familiar gameplay mechanics but can proceed but the attractive innovations, providing a better experience visually perfect for gamers.

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At the beginning of the game, players will have 3 options martial representing 3 countries Wei - Shu - Wu. The game features graphics how to build character and image of each home, create a separate style compared to the same category of products or the exploitation of historical context "Three Kingdoms" in the market. Although only 2D graphics, but the characters have a good level of detail, the exquisite art and care little flexibility to move, even to all the soldiers also impressive profile.

In terms of mechanism main battle, Storm Warriors Three Kingdoms 2 still apply beyond the frontier form fighting style combining real-time turn-often used in many game cards today. Players can give you up to 5 matches martial appearances, divided into three rows, each of martial will have a distinct role, is divided by class stars, a separate skill. Of course, the game will take place in the automatic mode, players simply tap the icon to launch skillset icon Minister only. Besides, the system also supports Full auto mode or speed is very convenient.

Apart from the skills promoted for each martial tradition, the game has added millions conversion system specific skills to use. Add to that a rich talent system, is divided into 3 types including offensive, defensive and prolific players to gain, optimize the ability to develop your team better. Furthermore, players can explore the exciting features such as "compliance office" and "military technical" make diversity a strategic form of human growth point

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