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Truck Loader 2

One such example of a game is the Truck Loader 2. It is a game of skill, and analysis. At first, it may just look simple, since the screen will just present you with a scenario of a construction site, with boxes, a truck, and a magnetic forklift truck.  As the player, your role is to take control of the forklift truck, guiding its magnet to the boxes and transferring, or stacking the boxes to a certain position as indicated in the game.

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According to reviews by some players, the Truck Loader 2 can be quite addicting, as usually, there are 20 levels which presents a variety of challenges and twists. Once you successfully ended with a level, you will always find yourself excited to continue with the next one.

For children, Truck Loader 2 is vital for the development of their analytical skills, as they need to analyze how they can control the truck towards the boxes, and how they can ‘carry’ the boxes to the specified position.  It also promotes vision and hand coordination, because the player needs to constantly be on eye of impending twists

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