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Cyclomaniacs 4

Cyclomaniacs 4 is similar to the previous versions – it is a bike racing game. However, in this version, there are many new changes and items making it very different from previous versions.
How to Play
The default controls of this version are similar to those on the last three versions of Cyclomaniacs. You can use your arrow keys, or A, S, D, W keys to control your bikes; use the P button to pause your game; and use the R button to restart the track you are currently playing. However, the main difference here is that you can now customize which keys you wish to use. To do this, simply go into the “Settings” and click on “Controls”, then click “Customize”.
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Like in previous versions of Cyclomaniacs, you are able to adjust a few settings to suit your needs. If you do not like the music in Cyclomaniacs 4, you can simply turn them off by clicking on the Settings button, then clicking “OFF” next to the word Music. If it is the sound effects you would like to turn off, you can do so by following the same instructions mentioned above – except click “OFF” next to the words Sound FX. If your internet speed is not high speed, you can change the Graphics Quality by selecting either Low, Medium, or High. In addition, if you have already completed all of the tracks and achievements, you can choose to clear the track map and play it all over again!
The graphics in Cyclomaniacs 4 are much better than the previous versions – making the game a little more realistic, and less “cartoony”.
The previous versions of Cyclomaniacs, your bikes were just that – bicycles. However, in this version, you may start out riding a bicycle, but as you unlock achievements and earn more money, you can purchase vehicles that are more powerful.  Cyclomaniacs 4 now has a large variety of dirt bikes!

You can customize the colors of your bicycles and dirt bikes, as well as upgrade your vehicles speed, acceleration, brake, boost, spin, and jump stats. All upgrades will apply to all of your bikes – so don’t worry, you will not lose any of the current upgrades you have if you decide to purchase another bike. You can also change the colors of your riders’ clothes and shoes.

Game Shop
As in Cyclomaniacs 3 – where the developers introduced the Game Shop for the first time, Cyclomaniacs 4 has a Game Shop as well. However, you will not find any booster items in this shop. Instead, you can purchase better, more powerful bikes and motor bikes in the shop. With each achievement you unlock, you also unlock a new bike – some of them can be expensive, though.

How to earn cash
To upgrade your bike’s stats or buy better bikes, you will need in-game money. To earn cash is rather easy. When you complete a race, you earn some money – the amount depending upon what place you came in. For First Place, you will receive $800; Second Place gets you $400; and Third Place earns you $200, and so on. In addition to earning money based on your placement, every time you reach an achievement, you not only earn whatever that achievement unlocks, but you also earn an additional $1,000 per achievement completed!

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